• The LCWM Worksite Wellness Committee shares in the mission to encourage optimal quality of life by promoting healthy lifestyles and creating a culture of physical, mental and emotional well-being in the workplace. 
    The LCWM Worksite Wellness Committee was created to help implement and to help regulate/maintain a portion of the LCWM Wellness Policy including the:
    Staff Wellness Initiative
    1. The school district will plan and implement activities and policies that support personal efforts by staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    2. A committee consisting of staff volunteers will develop, promote and oversee a multifaceted plan to promote staff health and wellness. The plan will be based on input solicited from school staff and should outline ways to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and other elements of a healthy lifestyle among school staff.
    Work site wellness goals:
    1) To encourage staff to use the healthy snack station.
    2) To work with policy committee on formally accepting policy around breastfeeding.
    3) To evaluate current standards of mother's room and determine improvements.
    4) To encourage staff to use the walking map. 
    Work site Wellness Committee Members
    Susan Gengler
    Brittany Grunig
    Erica Lieske
    Kelly Brandon
    Rose Pierson