fourth grade
  • Fourth Grade:

    50+ Sharpened #2 pencils

    1Box of 12 sharpened colored pencils

    1Box of broad tip Markers  

    1Box of 24 Crayons

    2 Black Sharpies

    4 Expo dry erase markers

    3 Laminated (heavy duty) folders

    2 Green wide ruled notebooks

    1 Red wide ruled notebook

    1 any color notebook

    1 5 Subject notebook


    4 Glue sticks or a bottle of Elmer’s glue

    2 Highlighters

    Ear buds or Headphones (headphones are best) 

    Basic Calculator

    Bring a total of 3: Box of tissues, and/or Clorox wipes   


    Tennis shoes (non-marking soles- to be left at school)


    **Bring everything with you to Back-to-school conferences.