• If you are at home during a “SNOW DAY” choose one or more of the following ideas to keep you busy and active.


    1. Go outside and build a snowman. Be creative. Use any sticks, rocks or other objects outside to create eyes, nose, mouth, hat, scarf, etc


    1. Go outside and make footprints in the snow. Turn your toes in, turn them out, turn one in and one out. Make prints in different shapes and sizes. Then play tag and you can only run on your footprints.

    1. Instead of building a snowman, can you be creative and build something else?  Use a bucket to make “bricks” and build a fort. Or make a snow turtle, or your favorite animal.  Use colored water and a spray bottle to color your project.

    1. If it’s too bad outside be active inside. Do some strength exercises: planks, squats, push-ups, superman, Knight twisters.

    1. Do some cardio activities where you get your heart rate and breathing up. Jumping jacks, line jumps, jump rope, walk or run up and down your stairs at home.

    1. Practice tying your shoes if you don’t know how already. Or if you already know how, practice so you can get faster or tie them tighter.

    1. Create a dance on your own. Turn some music on and move however  you choose. Grab someone else who is home and teach them your dance or have them help you.

    1. Try to balance on different parts of your body. Can you balance on two different parts (head and knee)? Three different parts? One body part?  Can you move from one body part to another while still maintaining your balance? Can you balance with your eyes closed?


    1.  Can you balance something on your head while walking; on your hand, your elbow, your shoulder?  What different types of objects can you balance while standing still and while walking?

    1. Come up with your own activity. Anything that gets you moving instead of sitting down. Most importantly, have fun doing it. Exercise should be something you enjoy doing.

    Enjoy your learning snow day!!