• The LCWM Health & Wellness Committee is comprised of students, staff, administrators, parents and community members. The purpose of the committee is to monitor the district's wellness policy. The purpose of the policy is to assure a school environment that promotes and protects student's health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.
    2018-19 Wellness  Committee Members:
    Susan Gengler, chair - Physical Education Teacher                        
    Dan Beert - LCWM Elementary Principal
    Mike Thofson- LCWM Secondary Principal
    Tom Farrell - LCWM Superintendent
    Marla Brown - Food Service Director
    Jess Thormosgard - School Nurse
    Jen Wiens - Parent
    Tony Stadtherr - Physical Education/Health Teacher
    Kristen Friedrichs - Blue Earth County SHIP Coordinator
    Jill Antony - LCWM School Board Member 
    Brittany Grunig - First Grade Teacher
    Holly Heidenbrink - Kindergarten Teacher
    Kristee Richards - Parent
    Gail Graupman - Physical Education Teacher
    Pete Goeringer - Physical Education Teacher
    Ryan Yunkers - Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center Manager
    If you are interested in being on the wellness committee, please contact the District Office at 507-726-2323.