LCWM School Board

    The School Board of Independent School District 2071 is a policy-making body responsible for the district's budget, curriculum, personnel, and physical facilities. Implementation of board policies is the responsibility of the superintendent and District 2071 staff.

    The board members are the elected representatives of the community and as such want to know how the community feels on issues. If you have a specific concern it should initially go to the teacher, the principal, or the superintendent.

     School Board Meetings

    Regular school board meetings are held in the LCWM Secondary Media Center (second floor) on the third Monday of each month with few exceptions. Special meetings and study sessions are held on the first Monday of the month as needed.



    Board Members: Linda Leiding, Jill Antony, Sara Rose, Kelly Hoeft, Tony Jacobs, Ryan Jones, Kent Thiesse, and Superintendent Tom Farrell